The La Camera Ottica laboratory is divided into two macro-sectors of reference: the film sector and the video sector.

The film sector deals with two focal elements for the recovery of cinematographic heritage, namely the conservation and access to film materials.

More specifically, within the laboratory there are skills concerning above all substandard supports (9,5mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super8): these skills have been fundamental for the development of conservation and enhancement projects connected to amateur films, experimental and documentary. In addition, the film sector is available to the client for the development of projects for the active conservation, digitization and edition of films in substandard format.

The video sector deals with the preservation, conservation and access of analog and digital video supports, produced for artistic and / or documentary purposes. Depending on the agreements made with the commission and the latter's needs, the laboratory offers inventory services and technical management of the supports; analysis of the conservation status of audiovisual funds;

indications for a correct long-term preservation of analogue and digital formats; digital migration of analogue content; definition of the conservation status of the analog supports or digital files derived from the acquisition; reconstruction of the exhibition and production history of the works and / or audiovisual documents; in-depth cataloging in line with the different standards existing in the field of art and cinema.

You can also consult the Regulations of the La Camera Ottica Laboratory and the Transparency Protocol of the La Camera Ottica Laboratory.